Great news! Beginning Monday, April 13, your webmail will include calendars!

Get set to have fun—

                        Creating up to 13 calendars (work, personal, fitness, etc.), including calendars you can download from such free Web sites as

                        Sharing your calendars with your family and friends by attaching them to an e-mail.

                        Viewing your calendars by day, week and month.

                        Creating appointments and setting reminders for yourself.

                        Sending appointments via e-mails to your family and friends. (They will be able to upload the event into their calendar, no matter which e-mail program they use, including Outlook!)


But that's not all! You can also—

                        Set up auto-reply messages when you're on vacation.

                        Share contact information with family and friends by dragging contacts into an e-mail as an attachment.

                        Preview file attachments, including common image and music formats, like .jpeg and mp3, before downloading them.

                        Read and send e-mails from external mailboxes into this webmail.


We are thrilled to have you as a customer. And to show our thanks, this webmail upgrade is free and automatic.